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Skilled? Join us! We are hiring people!


Work with us

Skilled? Join us! We are hiring people!



Looking for a web agency?
Here we are! eKomerz is ready to assist you. We provide a range of the services you’d expect from a top web agency


We create

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It takes a real professionalism to design websites. It's not just about being unique – the design must convey key messages, differentiate you from the competitors' sites and inspire users to certain actions.

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Let's see if your web site is at the top of Google!


The quality is European, but the prices are local.

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Visual advertisement

Logos, printing materials, posters, brochures, pamphlets

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Want to have a professional website?

Website development

SEO writing. Need some content?

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We can write content for your website.

Database development

See how important it is to have a proper database management

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Want to have a social media campaign?

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